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If you find yourself showing symptoms of celiac disease, don’t hesitate to get yourself tested! Too many people are unwittingly killing themselves by continually consuming the very gluten that is there downfall. From research, we know that 1 in 133 Americans have celiac, which may seem like slim odds, but for those who have a first-degree relative diagnosed with celiac disease, as many as 1 in 22 people may have the disease. 

While the Mayo Clinics offer a test for celiac disease, I recommend seeing Mark E. Johnson, a specialist in holistic and homeopathic testing, about a possible gluten intolerance. Through his feedback testing, Mark can tell you exactly what you might be allergic to.

Mark E. Johnson- Homeopathic Testing           

Mark Johnson, the friend, scientist, and chemist is the man who, through his feedback testing, was the first to diagnose me with Celiac Sprue/Gluten intolerance. When first we met, Mark was sure I was dead man walking; I just hadn’t lain down yet. I was feeble, pale and pasty, on oxygen full time, walked with a cane, had extreme difficulty in expressing myself in a coherent fashion. I had trouble remembering simple words, phrases, or thoughts that to the normal person was be as effortless as breathing. I struggled to stand or sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time. The murky and dark clouded pools I once called my brain had seemed to have abandoned me for the first time since I was slapped on the butt by the Doctor when I was pulled from my warm comfortable womb inside my mother and forced into this world. Mark stood by my side and never gave up: conducting what must have been hours of research, searching for the elusive answers of how to save my life. Through the miracle of science, technology, ancient Chinese medicine and his tenacious drive to solve this riddle I now am on the path to healing, all be it still fraught with pain, lulls, and challenges.

Phone Number

(801) 434-9490


930 S. State St

Orem, Utah 84097

Dr. Uma Karnam 

As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Umaprasanna Karnam MD, GI is a specialist when it comes to helping patients with problems of the digestive system. He is a fantastic doctor: very intelligent and proactive when it comes to diagnosis and finding treatment and remedies, as well as a wonderful caretaker: he as his staff are compassionate and prompt. You can really tell that he’s dedicated to you and your health.

Once I knew what to look for (thanks to Mark), I went to Dr. Karnan,  the renowned top in his field of Gastricenterologist in the State of Utah. Uma was able to medically determine a prognosis, treatment plan and a long term solution that would be preferable over death. Uma’s first words to me when we met were as he took my hand cupped with his, and with all the sincerity of a human being, softly said, “Don’t worry my brother, we will get you better!”

                Wow! What a novel approach. He was offering to heal me, not give me medication, send me to a physiatrist, or send me to yet another highly educated but still ignorant intern that neither cared or understood what I was going through. For two and a half years and test after test, the scope narrowed till we at long last arrived to the point that just medical science and tests could take me no further.

Phone & Fax Numbers

801-563-5121 (Office)
435-776-3499 (Park City Office)
801-566-3926 (Fax)

West Jordan address

3584 West 9000 South Suite 300
West Jordan, UT 84088

Salt Lake City address

24 South 1100 East Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Park City address

1665 Bonanza Drive
Park City, UT 84068


Hope this helps!



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  • 1. Jean-Marie  |  September 5, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Mark’s number is 434-9490.
    He has helped our family so much! It feels so good to have answers.
    Glad to hear you’re on your way to healing!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us! We are huge fans of New Grains Gluten Free Bakery and Mark Johnson!


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