Gluten Free Means Gluten Free

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I posted this on the FDA Docket. Most people are willing to settle, because we within the Celiac Community have suffered for so long because we can’t trust the labeling practices that we have become submissive and desensitized to this cause. Currently New Grains is the largest and fastest growing GF Commercial Bakery in Utah. Within the Year we will be Nationwide. I would invite you to read my proposal and then realize that there is a way to get 0 ppm in our foods. But, it takes time, research and diligence on our part not to settle but to demand that our public servants give us what we deserve, “Truth in Labeling!” My nephew has a server peanut allergy. If he gets 20 ppm of peanuts in his diet he will swell up, stop breathing and die. The only difference is we die slower than my nephew. Let’s not give up and settle for something when we as a Nation deserve more.

Within this Country we have the Right to; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We all with Celiac’s disease know that if the FDA allows people to label Gluten Free on their food and we do have a reaction, then our Government has taken our Liberties away.  According to the Mayo Clinic my condition of Celiac Sprue is terminal. The reason they gave me is because the damage was so extensive that my body cannot recover. They said, “The damage is extensive, irreversible, and progressive.” “We can’t stop it even if you do go to a gluten free diet it will only slow it down.” “You will be in pain the rest of your natural life and it will get worse in the years to come until you body finally give in and you die!” Now I didn’t like this and went for many years in denial. But, everything they had said has come true. My pain level on a scale of 1-10 is usually a 5. The more I push myself the more the Auto-Immune diseases that are in my body push back. Now with early onset Dementia, MS, DDD, Fibromyalgia and a few other things, I have accepted my reality and now fight to save those that don’t have to suffer my fate.

The truth is we truly do not know what 20 ppm over a long time frame will do to us. There is no real legitimate studies as of yet nor will there unless we stand tall and demand that the minimum acceptable level is the level that we can test at which is 10 ppm. This is where the threshold must be set because this is life or death, and the quality of that life, which I no longer have. I am a Father of 7 beautiful children. 5 of the 7 have Celiac Sprue as do I. I will not allow my children to suffer as I do every day. A very smart man once said, “you have no rights  unless you exercise them!” I have the right to live gluten free. I have the right to trust the labeling from the FDA and I have the right to protect my children and others that are unwilling to put their very lives in the care of large companies that only care about profits and acceptable losses.  There is no acceptable losses in this fight. NONE! In Asia, Africa, South America, and many other places people with Celiac’s Disease are dying every year never knowing why.

May I make a recommendation. Reconsider your position. We are talking about, “Acceptable Loss of Life” with the labeling protocol now in front of us. Every study that I have ever looked at always reads, “The majority of..,” “A large part of..,” or “Most people with celiac..” So, of the 2+ million people in this Country that have Celiac Sprue, only most, the majority,  or a large part of them have the God given right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happines? If so, then who gave us the authority to decide that the needs of the (Most, Majority, Large Part) are more valuable than the minority? How many must be sick, how many must die before we stop and take a look at this rule with true honesty?

As a business man I understand the cost involved in being below 10 ppm. However, I am willing to set that standard for my company so that I know that I was part of the solution not part of the Problem. I appeal to you integrity, and common sense. Life is very simple so long as it is honest and true. Let’s not allow honesty to be pushed aside while that are still other options at our disposal. Continue to stand strong for those that don’t have a voice that can’t stand on their own. Be part of the solution not the perpetuation of the Problem. NO means NO!

Timothy W. Lawson 


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