Protect the Gluten Free Community

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Dear Celiac Sisters and Brothers,

This is in response to the impending rule to be passed down from the FDA in regards to the “Safe Threshold” of gluten in the foods base on the PPM European standards in late September 2012! It is the heart felt belief that our legislatures and the governmental agency charged with protecting the citizens currently do not care or understand the severity of the Gluten issues in this Country.

Senator Orrin Hatch Federal District Law Suit:
Timothy W. Lawson is heading up a lawsuit against US Senator Orrin Hatch for miss-use of Federal Tax dollars. Hatch sits on the Appropriations Committee that approves and assigns funding for the various branches of the US Government including but not limited to Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration. It is my personal belief that the 20 ppm is not a safe threshold to ingest for those that have Celiac’s disease or Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance. Every time Mr. Lawson has spoken to the FDA they have responded by saying that, “…We do not have the funds to do testing to verify that the European Standard of 20ppm is a safe threshold. If Senator Hatch cared about the people he represents then it would stand to reason, that he would insist on some of those tax dollars go for true medical testing so that an honest and legitimate threshold could be reached and agreed upon. No such offer or consideration has been or is forth coming. That is what the courts are for.

FDA National Class Action Suit for TRUTH in Labeling
Timothy W. Lawson has begun gathering names all over the US, of plaintiffs to join a national class action suit against the FDA. The purpose is to require FDA to have truth in Labeling. If the manufacturing companies in the US don’t have to make their products Gluten Free to Label it Gluten Free then, those people that have to eat gluten Free because of medical necessity (some 6 million people) then their lives will be put in harm’s way. It is not the mandate of the FDA to put lives in harm’s way but the opposite. They are to safe guard the public’s health by proper labeling so that the public at large can be informed as to what they are ingesting. On numerous occasions Mr. Lawson has spoken with the FDA and has found that they are willing to accept the European Standard without reservation even though they have no medical documentation to substantiate that the 10-20 etc… PPM is truly a safe threshold and will not cause an auto-immune response in the members of the Gluten Free Community. Based on statistical data gathered, there are over 9,000,000 or more people that have some form of Celiac’s Disease in the United States. This is an enormously large group of people. It is the personal heartfelt belief of Mr. Lawson that the FDA knows that the European Standard is not truly safe thereby allowing some nine million of his Sisters and Brothers to suffer needlessly. This is a call to action. We have the right to know what is in the food that we eat. We are not asking the manufactures to make gluten free products only require them to be honest on the FDA label what truly is in the products.

Timothy W. Lawson
CEO / Founder
New Grains Gluten Free Bakery LLC

766 East 2950 North
Provo, Utah 84604
(801) 687-5151 MB#

“Certified Gluten Free”
Changing peoples lives One “Loaf” at a time!


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