Are the European gluten-free thresholds really are working to protect coeliacs…????

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This is an article that just came out on European gluten free market.

You can click on this link for the report. This is the response from our CEO/Founder to the article.

CEO/Founder, New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

CEO/Founder, New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

This story is not based in medical fact only supposition or beliefs. There has been little to no testing with people in the US that have Celiac’s Sprue. There are 4 types of Celiac’s Disease. 1 Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, 2. Non-Refractory Celiac’s Disease, 3. (RT1) Refractory Type 1 Celiac Sprue 4. (RT2) Refractory Type 2 Celiac Sprue. Within the US it is illegal to do medical testing on a person know that it is a life threatening illness and will cause death. Celiac’s Disease is not an eating disorder. It’s a life threatening Auto-Immune Disease. It is my belief from all the medical research and references I have done that Celiac’s Disease is progressive in nature. The final Stage of the Celiac Journey is Refractory Type 2 Celiac Sprue. Once it gets to this stage the Auto-Immune response doesn’t stop until all the mini-villa are gone in your GI track. At that point your organs will not get the nutrition needed to support your major organs and they will begin to shut down, slowly and painfully. I know since I have RT2 Celiac Sprue. According to the MAYO Clinic there is nothing that can be done for me now that the Celiac’s Disease has become progressive. In my Company New Grains we do not accept any product to be tested above the current min. consistent standard of 5 ppm. This is the max sensitivity that can be consistently tested at this point. All our products were tested to be undetectable. which means they are all below 4-5 ppm. This is the only threshold that we as members of Celiac’s Disease should ever accept. Refractory Type 2 Celiac’s Sprue is 10 times more prevalent in Europe than in the US or Canada. The obvious reason is because Europe is slowly poisoning the people with Celiac’s Disease every time they eat. It is the only logical conclusion. In addition until Jan 2012 Europe stated that the “SAFE THRESHOLD” is 100 ppm. Now they say 20 ppm. Let’s all take a minute to call this what it is. A lie being perpetuated for Capital Gain. To guarantee that the New Grains products are below detectable levels of 4-5 ppm it costs more. If we here in the US allow off shore Manufacturers to flood our country with Gluten-Free products that are not truly Gluten-Free we will be accomplishing 2 things. 1st we will knowingly harm millions of our citizens that count on us to do the right thing and protect the integrity of the labeling process. 2nd we will directly challenge the basis of what this Great Country was founded on and how true quality control is accomplished, Free Enterprise. Don’t sell out to international corporate interests that only care about the money they are making rather than the health and welfare of those that truly are suffering with this disease. For your consideration!

Timothy W. Lawson CEO/Founder

New Grains Gluten Free Bakery LLC

Changing peoples lives

One Loaf at a time!

766 East 2950 North

Provo, Utah 84604

(801) 687-5151 MB#


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